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Day 4 - Popular Articles + Heroku Deployment!

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Today I worked on getting the page views to all show up correctly and then eventually make a Popular page view. Well, let me tell you, this was one tough cookie. I had no idea where to start. Do I create a new view, controller, model, html? No idea. Posted on our slack channel after racking my brain for quite some time. Kevin let me know to create a controller. This is a good start. I thought maybe I could get away with not creating a controller, because I wanted to be lazy and efficient. So I ended up creating a popular controller.I then made an index.html.erb in the Popular views folder. This contained the layout which I was going to have on that page. Now the fun really began... How the heck do I get to the page views, sort them accordingly, and then have the article titles print. But, not only the article titles, but also links to them. Long story short, I played with a Hash, put all of the articles and article.impression.size pairs in there. Ran a sort for that Hash and stored it in another array. Doesn't that sound crazy already? Well, then I played around trying to extract just the title and impression.size from the array in a For loop for the first 3 articles. Phew! Well, I finally did get it going. And finally, I also deployed to Heroku!!

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